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The Scream Street is the series of children's books written by an English
horror author writer man called Tommy Donbavand

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Fang of the VampireBlood of the Witch

Basic Story Summary
Luke Watson

This story begins with a boy named Luke Watson. But on his tenth birthday, Luke transforms into a werewolf, but unlike other werewolves that usually transform on a full moon, he turns into one when he gets to feel his anger. One day, he loses his temper with a boy he had been friends with because the boy had bullied someone, getting angry, he transforms and slashes his chest; however, he is not extremely harmed.

Resus Negative

After transforming the third time, Luke and his parents were forced to move to Scream Street and dislikes living there for his parents are forced to live there -- his parents, 'Normals' as they are called on Scream Street, are frightened of the new place. So Luke joins up with a young vampire wannabe called Resus Negative and the young Egyptian mummy called Cleo Farr to search for the six relics which will open the portal to let his parents out of Scream Street.


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